The Solution

Transforming one’s mindset to disrupt limiting thought patterns is the key to changing the trajectory of one’s life for the better. The Local Charity focuses on three main pillars to achieve this: elevating Mental Health, building Essential Life Skills from a Mindset Transformation approach, and enhancing access to Technology.

We offer programs run via our sister brand, Success Accelerator (est. 2021), offering a range of effective programs, delivered by professionals, that develop tangible skillsets that youth require for navigating today’s landscape. The aim is to empower young people to become the inspiring leaders of tomorrow. We believe in our youth!!

Success Accelerator offers programs which elevate young people’s confidence, resilience, and support their growth. Whatever their background, young people are our future leaders, and we believe that leadership will benefit by coming from a place of true diversity and resilience, with the skills to succeed not only in the workplace but in the society they create. The Local Charity looks after the fundraising, governance, and other administrative efforts, while Success Accelerator fulfills the mission of youth empowerment.

🧠 Mental Health

In today’s complex world, nurturing mental well-being is a critical foundation for personal growth. We strive to provide essential resources and support to help individuals build resilience, navigate challenges, and cultivate a positive mindset, empowering them to lead fulfilling lives.

📚 Essential Life Skills

Essential Life Skills are powerful tools that empower individuals to unleash their inherent power. People lift themselves out of poverty when they are enabled to find themselves included in society and contribute in a meaningful way.

💻 Technology

In today’s world, improving access to computers and the internet is an important steppingstone toward closing the gap between the underprivileged population with their peers. A key differentiator is some guidance on how to leverage these tools to improve the trajectory of their lives.


Programs Offering

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  • Financial Empowerment Program: Exploring their financial blueprint and getting a money mindset transformation. Acquire vital skills and insights into strategic tools to navigate financial journey confidently.
  • Goal Setting Series: move to action, overcome obstacles, and take meaningful steps towards your goals feeling fulfilled
  • MasterClass Membership: MasterClass is proud to partner with Success Accelerator to offer no-cost Annual Memberships to the entire MasterClass platform for one year (a $180 value) to enhance educational opportunities.
  • Life Coaching: help youth maximize their full potential and reach their desired results. Overcome challenging life transitions, and build a fulfilling life that is in alignment with their values and brings resonance.
  • Self-Mastery Series (Emotional Intelligence): Elevate emotional intelligence and gain critical skills for building meaningful relationships, resolving conflict, solving problems, leading effectively, and building resilience.
  • Self-Mastery Series (Positive Intelligence): Develop your mental fitness by reducing your negative self talk (saboteur interceptor), develop your sage power, and self-command muscle.
  • Wellness Series: Understand the connection between how emotions can affect your physical, mental, and emotional state
  • Youth Ambassador Project: Youth impacted by systemic barriers have valuable insights on these issues, and can best identify specific challenges and potential solutions based on their lived experience.
  • Better Look Event: an in-person event to upgrade their look inside (being mindful through introspection and boosting confidence) and out (clothing swap, free professional photography)
  • Computer Donation: the Computer Donation program bridges the digital divide that exists within our community.
  • Youth Leadership Program: youth-led program co-created by the youth to identify topics they want to deepen their knowledge around
  • Connect to Success: computer library program serving the youths within shelters [Nov 2019]
  • Intro to Computing: unravelling the mystery of how computing works, breaking down hardware components and the basics of software [Nov 2019]
  • Financial Literacy: economics for success, a step-by-step guide from planning to execution, and mindset transformation around your relation to money [Feb 2020]

The Local Charity team and Mitchell Huynh’s team taking a group photo after the Financial Literacy workshop