The Solution

Transforming one’s mindset to disrupt limiting thought patterns is the key to changing the trajectory of one’s life for the better. The Local Charity focuses on four pillars to achieve this.

🧠 Mental Health

🤓 Emotional Intelligence

💻 Technology

📚 Education

Our programs run via Success Accelerator (est. 2021), offering a range of effective programs, delivered by professionals, that develop tangible skillset that youth require for today’s workplace. The aim is to empower young people to become the inspiring leaders of tomorrow.

WE BELIEVE IN OUR YOUTH. Success Accelerator offers programs which elevate young people’s ambitions and support their growth. Whatever their background, young people are our future leaders and we believe that leadership will benefit by coming from a place of true diversity and resilience, with the skills to succeed not only in the workplace but in the society they create.

The Local Charity looks after the fundraising, governance, and other administrative efforts while Success Accelerator fulfills the mission & spreads the message of youth empowerment.

Past Programs

The Local Charity team and Michell Huynh’s team taking a group photo after the Financial Literacy workshop


Horizons For Youth
360° Kids

Kennedy House