Vision Statement

The Local Charity offer a series of workshops that teaches critical life skills for professional workplace and for personal development. An effective program delivered by professionals that develops tangible skillset that they require for today’s workplace.
Together, we can trail the path toward that future, The Local Charity is committed to supporting our youth to build a life where they live in dignity, provide them an opportunity of inclusion, and enhancing resilience and security. 
We rely on supporters like you to empower youths with the critical life skills they need to be prepared for their future. 

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Please contact Sakthi by emailing her to discuss offering Success Academy programs to your youths

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Youth Testimonial


-Past workshop participant, financial literacy workshop

Past workshop Details

Financial Literacy: economics for success, a step-by-step guide from planning to execution.

Intro to Computing: what is it, how is it shaping today’s workplace, and why do I need to know it?