Connect TO Success is a computer library program serving the youths within shelters in the Greater Toronto Area. We have the talent, passion, and conviction to ensure the longevity, scalability, and success of the program. 

The digital divide separates the underprivileged population from today’s information and communication technologies. Connect TO Success bridges the gap by providing technology access that opens the door to the digital community and achieve new skill set breakthrough making progress in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Improving access to technology (and education) is an important stepping stone toward closing the gap between the underprivileged population with their peers. The technology itself is only the first building block toward achieving impact. A key differentiator is guidance on how to leverage these tools to improve the trajectory of their lives; another is creating a framework to support Success Academy (our educational workshop program). 

Many shelters are focused on their essential core competencies and do not have the bandwidth to properly support a computer program. This may include back-filling assets that needs to be replaced, provide the necessary software & security updates, resolve technical problems, and dedicated resource to collect and respond to feedback.

Connect TO Success

  1. Accepts used technology as donations from corporations and individuals
  2. Refurbishes them for the program
  3. Customize the setup for our partner shelter
  4. Provides the infrastructure and on-going support to maximize the life of the assets

Thanks to
Edelman Toronto, Blackberry, and individual supporters for donating monetary funds and computers to launch the program.

Do you have used technology you (or a company you know) would like to donate to Connect TO Success? We may be able to wipe all data and software on-site. Please contact us at to get the conversation started.