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Meet the TLC Team

Laney Lui

Executive Director

I was inspired to start The Local Charity after having gone through many trials in my own life. Having experienced abuse and being estranged from my father (10+ years, though rebuilding now), I can relate to those who have experienced despair and hopelessness. The journey has taught me how to be strong, how to be independent, how to forgive, and how to love.
I had also experienced being a single mother, and the journey had been challenging, but it has given me perspective on what it takes to overcome rough patches in life (though now I am happily re-married). I hope to contribute and inspire the folks I cross paths with towards living their best lives.

My parents have both exemplified qualities that contributed to my charity work. My mother modelled benevolence, and I’ve learned to be kind and grateful from her (I also acquired her sense of humour  ). As an illegal immigrant, my father persevered through adversity and built an empire; I got my curiosity, strength, and entrepreneurial spirit from him.

For me, charity can be so impactful. The effort put in goes a long way in helping to improve lives. It’s often easy, usually inconvenient, but always necessary.

Victoria Wicks

Volunteer Manager, Project Manager

As an individual, I am motivated by my commitment to personal and professional growth, consistently seeking fresh avenues for advancement and expanding my knowledge and skills. My Myers-Briggs Personality Type, ENFP-T (Campaigner), embodies my independent and creative nature, sensitive and attuned to the magic and significance in everyday experiences; I am known for finding joy in life’s small moments and for my contagious enthusiasm and expressive nature.

With a profound dedication to fostering access, equity, inclusion, and belonging, I am particularly passionate about driving positive change and engaging in areas such as art, food, politics, education, and ecological sustainability… and did I mention food?!
Guided by the core values of Authenticity, Respect, and Curiosity, I wholeheartedly strive to make meaningful contributions and deliver impactful value. I am eager to embark on this journey, where I may leverage my diverse experiences, creative mindset, and unwavering commitment to fostering a nurturing, thriving, persevering, compassionate, and inquisitive community.

Joy Wang profile picture

Joy Wang

Operations Manager

I am extremely grateful for having a support system full of phenomenal mentors, teachers, and loved ones while growing up. I believe that everyone has a right to belonging and being part of a supportive community, which is what brought me to TLC. I am passionate about continuing the impact of mentorship and equipping underserved communities with this type of access.

My INFJ personality type and my background in public health and public policy have instilled in me a deep-seated passion for alleviating systemic inequities through policy advocacy, community engagement, and most importantly through empowerment at an individual level.

Odina Rennie

Operations Coordinator

As a child, I was shown the importance of service and community. For me, it was common practice to see my family members and neighbours helping people in need within our community. However, it was only until I left my community that I realized that type of behaviour was not present everywhere.

Consequently, now as an adult, I am committed to making a positive change in the world. Previously, I have held various volunteer roles at non-profit organizations. But I recently made a career and educational change. As this change reflects my growing awareness of the racial, economic, and environmental issues surrounding us.

Thus, I look forward to continuing my work toward creating positive change through educating the next generation of leaders to think critically, to respond with integrity, and to view our world holistically. 

Chris Garbutt

Marketing Manager

As someone who has worked in both the public and private sector, service in my work has always been at the core of my values. The Local Charity is an exciting organization because it connects people with the skills and mechanisms they need to change their lives and improve communities. I am very happy to play a role in this transformational and sustainable change.

Zidane Lamrani

Marketing Manager

Taryn Dougall

Project Coordinator

Ingrid Salvador

Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator