Our mission is to empower young people to break the cycle of poverty by providing life skills training, employment-related skills, leadership training, and mental health and wellness programs; and by enhancing access to technology. Our programs support young people to build a life where they live in dignity, that enhances their resilience and security, and that provides them with greater opportunities for future leadership. TLC strives to be the best-in-class source for these offerings.

Our vision is to create a world where all youth can see their full potential and have the resources, inspiration, and courage to pursue it. Nothing stands in their way.

We are a lean operation run entirely by volunteers with minimal overhead expenses.

Whether your contribution is monetary, a labor of love, spiritual support, or in any other form, thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.

Our charity registration number is 80828 4442 RR 0001.

Meet our team at The Local Charity.

Laney Lui (she/her), Founder + Executive Director

I was inspired to start The Local Charity after having gone through many trials in my own life. Having experienced abuse and being estranged from my father (10+ years, though rebuilding now), I can relate to those who have experienced despair and hopelessness. The journey has taught me how to be strong, how to be independent, how to forgive, and how to love.
I had also experienced being a single mother, and the journey had been challenging, but it has given me perspective on what it takes to overcome rough patches in life (though now I am happily re-married). I hope to contribute and inspire the folks I cross paths with towards living their best lives.
My parents have both exemplified qualities that contributed to my charity work. My mother modelled benevolence, and I’ve learned to be kind and grateful from her (I also acquired her sense of humour 😉 ). As an illegal immigrant, my father persevered through adversity and built an empire; I got my curiosity, strength, and entrepreneurial spirit from him.
For me, charity can be so impactful. The effort put in goes a long way in helping to improve lives. It’s often easy, usually inconvenient, but always necessary.

Victoria Wicks (she/her), Volunteer Manager and Project Manager

As an individual, I am motivated by my commitment to personal and professional growth, consistently seeking fresh avenues for advancement and expanding my knowledge and skills. My Myers-Briggs Personality Type, ENFP-T (Campaigner), embodies my independent and creative nature, sensitive and attuned to the magic and significance in everyday experiences; I am known for finding joy in life’s small moments and for my contagious enthusiasm and expressive nature. I also possess a natural inclination to question assumptions and address logical flaws, valuing critical thinking and continuous improvement.

With a profound dedication to fostering access, equity, inclusion, and belonging, I am particularly passionate about driving positive change and engaging in areas such as art, food, politics, education, and ecological sustainability… and did I mention food?! 😋

Guided by the core values of Authenticity, Respect, and Curiosity, I wholeheartedly strive to make meaningful contributions and deliver impactful value. From an early age, I have been drawn to lending a helping hand; my mother would refer to me as a social butterfly, and I was well known at the school front desk, often showing up to procure band-aids for anyone in need – emotionally or physically! I am eager to embark on this journey, where I may leverage my diverse experiences, creative mindset, and unwavering commitment to fostering a nurturing, thriving, persevering, compassionate, and inquisitive community.

Amar Khanderia (he/him), Director of Development

Growing up, I was drawn to service-oriented activities, such as preparing meals for the homeless and spending time with seniors at nursing homes. These experiences instilled in me a deep sense of compassion and a desire to positively impact the world.

After completing my university studies, I seized the opportunity to serve marginalized communities in different countries and capacities. I worked on various projects, including establishing educational centers, constructing water plants, fundraising with global partners, and providing basic needs to communities in need.

In 2020, I returned to North America and turned my attention to supporting organizations dedicated to addressing pressing global issues, such as climate change, mental health, amnesty, humanitarian disaster relief, and gender-based equality.

I am now thrilled to be joining The Local Charity, where I will be helping youth break out of the poverty cycle and empower them to write their own stories.

As a business coach consultant, I help entrepreneurs and organizations achieve their goals of making the world a better place. In addition, I drive acquisition and stewardship campaigns for various non-profit organizations.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time in nature, staying active through exercise, and exploring new parts of the world through travel.

Tryphena (she/her), Marketing & Project Coordinator

Tryphena Nick-Oshomah, a passionate and dedicated individual, has chosen to make a difference in the community by working at The Local Charity. With a strong belief in the power of collective action and a deep empathy for those facing hardships, she has dedicated her time and energy to support and uplift the lives of others by using her abilities, expertise, and commitment to a variety of projects, such as planning fundraising events and marketing campaigns to support the youth programmes provided by The Local Charity.

Shaikh Antora Probortona (she/her), Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator

Amina Gohar (she/her), Marketing/Project Coordinator

Giving to the community is a method for people to feel more a part of their surroundings, promote a sense of belonging, and improve the lives of others. I am really passionate about giving back because I am a part of this thriving community. Moreover, being able to have a positive influence on individuals, especially the younger generation, around me gives me a strong sense of fulfillment and purpose. It is really gratifying to see even a small impact I can have. I think the first step in making our community stronger and more cohesive is for each of us to actively participate in improving the lives of those who are in our immediate vicinity. Together, we can make the world a kinder, more accepting, and more encouraging place for everyone. I am currently studying at the University of Guelph doing my Bachelors in Biological Sciences.

Board of Directors

Laney Lui (she/her), Chair

Beth Dunford (she/her), Vice-Chair

I am honored to join the Local Charity Board of Directors, because supporting youth from challenging backgrounds to become the best version of themselves, is something that I believe will benefit not only the individual, but the larger community as well. Success comes in a variety of forms that is achieved through a myriad of mechanisms including education, networking and mentorship. The Local Charity is one such mechanism with both a growing capacity and steadfast intention to see the best possible outcomes for those they hope to support.

I have worked in IT, government and healthcare in both the private and public sectors for over 14 years. I hold an MBA from Edinburgh Business School, with a BA (Hons.) in Political Science and Religion from the University of Toronto. I also hold a Project Management Professional (PMP) designation and certificates in change management from Prosci, and in workplace mental health leadership from Queen’s University. Over the past several years, my focus has been on strategy, performance measurement and progress reporting. In my personal time, I have a young daughter and enjoy painting and fitness, and pre-COVID, I attended as much live theatre as possible.

Joseph Manner (he/him), Secretary
Principal, JDManner Consulting

I am excited to become a Board member of The Local Charity, an organization that looks to empower youth who, in particular, may be disadvantaged due to poverty, or other circumstances. I look forward to helping the organization grow through continuous improvement of its skills, education, coaching and resource offerings, and by delivering these to more clients, in collaboration with other organizations. Currently, I am the sole Principal of JDManner Consulting: providing strategic planning, business process improvement, performance measurement, risk management, procurement, and policy development analysis and advice to clients. I have been on the Board of the North York Harvest Food Bank, and the Toronto Ultimate Club.

Most of my career has been with the LCBO and the Ontario Public Service (OPS). As Director of Store Network Planning and Analysis at the LCBO, I directed business and capital planning, and market research and location analysis activities, making recommendations regarding new stores, store location, store sizing, and the development of new store formats.

Previous to that I have held various procurement management, retail consulting, and policy development positions with the Ontario government.

I’m a CPA CMA, and have a BBA from the Schulich School of Business, York University. In 2019 I completed the Not for Profit Governance Essentials Certificate program with the Institute of Corporate Directors.

I’m married, have two daughters, and enjoy travelling, hiking, and ultimate frisbee.

Ben Chu (he/him), Treasurer

Past Board of Directors

  • Simon Fahy (he/him), Secretary, 2021
  • Rick Johal (he/him), Vice-Chair, 2022
  • Blair Ryan (he/him), Board Member, 2022
  • Nitin Basandra (he/him), Treasurer, 2021-2022