Together we can

empower individuals to break the cycle of poverty through elevating 🧠 Mental Health, improving access to πŸ“š Essential Life Skills & πŸ’» Technology for youths from our underserved local communities


In today’s world, improving access to computers and the internet is an important steppingstone toward closing the gap between the underprivileged population with their peers. A key differentiator is some guidance on how to leverage these tools to improve the trajectory of their lives.

Essential Life Skills.

Essential Life Skills are powerful tools that empowers individual to unleash their inherent power. People lift themselves out of poverty when they are enabled to find themselves included in society and contribute in a meaningful way.

Our Team.

Together, alongside with our supporters, The Local Charity has the right team of professionals to make that impact. We have the talent, passion, and conviction to ensure the longevity, scalability, and success of the programs. 

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