The Local Charity creates programs that make real-life changes that support facilitating those in need during moments of significance in their life. Every individual has incredible potential and purpose in life. Sometimes we just need a helping hand. If our simple gesture can make a difference for someone going through a difficult time, the real question is – why not?
Our first signature program is Cook-with-Love, where we prepare meals for clients residing at shelters we partner with. Food is one of the immediate needs for physical human survival. But it’s so much more than that. A good meal fuels your soul!
The second signature program pending to be launched is Connect TO Success, a computer program to provide access to computer technology. Today, being computer literate or having access to the internet is no longer a luxury. In the first phase of this program, we will provide the physical computers with internet access to the shelters we partner with – which evens out the playing field a bit more. In the second phase of this program, we  will host educational workshops as related to utilizing these technologies. The reach and potential of this program is boundless!
The Local Charity’s programs are effective in solving real-life problems with creative approach. We design programs that are sustainable that puts the end-user experience in mind. We are laser focus on our mission statement so we don’t stray on what and why it is we do what we do; yet we are flexible enough to ensure that are efforts can be customized for the situation to yield maximum results.