The Local Charity – Fundraiser Volleyball Tournament

Join The Local Charity for a fun day of volleyball at Ashbridges Bay Park to raise funds in support of launching a much needed computer program for youth, families, and women’s homeless shelters within underserved communities in the Greater Toronto Area!

We are offering different ticket prices to make supporting the charity more accessible. The computer program this fundraiser will support has tremendous potential to make incredible impact in our community. One of the most expensive cost to the program is the access to internet, the goal is to launch the program with enough funding to sustain it for 18-months. With your generous support, we hope to launch this program in the fall of 2018.

Standard Tickets: $50
Premium Tickets: $75

Teams of 4 members (Co-ed 1 female minimum)
Members on the same teams can mix and match tickets

Round Robin – minimum 4 games, 25 min with 5 min breaks
Finals – best 2 of 3 (set 1 and 2, 0-25, and set 3 if needed 0-15)

All teams will receive professionally taken team photos, and a revitasize juice.
Premium ticket holders will receive individual professionally taken photos (action shots)
Winning team gets bragging rights, each individual will receive a Sunday Brunch voucher at The Oakwood Hardware Food & Drink, and take-home loot bag.

Register by purchasing a ticket here, each team requires 6 tickets for full registration.

For team registration, please identify a Team Captain and have each member purchase a ticket individually noting the Team Captain’s name – ensure that 4 tickets are purchased for each team.

For individual registration, simply purchase a ticket and list “The Local Charity” as the Team Captain.

Thank you for your support, we look forward to seeing you at the court!

We will e-mail you the game schedule along with the exact court location on Thursday August 10, 2017.

Thank you to our sponsors: