The Solution

Many of the organizations we partner with are focused on their essential core competencies and do not have the bandwidth to properly support a computer program. This may include back-filling assets that needs to be replaced, provide the necessary software & security updates, resolve technical problems, and dedicated resource to collect and respond to feedback and revise the program accordingly.

Connect To Success

Connect To Success is a computer library program serving the youths within shelters in the Greater Toronto Area.  The program bridges the gap of the digital divide by providing technology access that opens the door to the digital community and achieve new skill set breakthrough making progress in breaking the cycle of poverty.


  1. Accepts used technology as donations from corporations and individuals
  2. Refurbishes them for the program
  3. Customize the setup for our partner shelter
  4. Provides the infrastructure and on-going support to maximize the life of the assets

Thanks to Edelman TorontoBlackberry, and individual supporters for donating monetary funds and computers to launch the program.

Do you have used technology you (or a company you know) would like to donate to Connect TO Success? We may be able to wipe all data and software on-site. Please contact us at to get the conversation started.

Success Academy

Building on top of our Connect To Success program, leveraging the computers, we offer a series of workshops that teaches critical life skills for professional workplace and for personal development. An effective program delivered by professionals that develops tangible skillset that they require for today’s workplace.
Together, we can trail the path toward that future, The Local Charity is committed to supporting our youth to build a life where they live in dignity, provide them an opportunity of inclusion, and enhancing resilience and security. 
We rely on supporters like you to empower youths with the critical life skills they need to be prepared for their future. 

Workshops are up to 2.5 hours in length and requires a completion of a test (with a 70% passing grade) at the end to obtain a certificate.
Certificates are emailed to recipient digitally within 1 week to keep operational costs low, one physical copy may be requested at no-charge per recipient for each workshop.

Professional Series
Led by a professional, the instructor will share insights about their role, the skills that are required to pursue a career in that field, focus on one area of the required skillset, and wrap up with resources on how to get started and areas to work on to continue building skills to be successful within that career.

  1. Their title and company
  2. Share a day in the life of someone in this role and insight about the industry
  3. Terminologies that are used in that role or field, skills that are required
  4. Interactive hands-on skills development on one of the skillset that is required
  5. Look at entry-level jobs on the market today that could be a good starting point to get started
  6. Provide resource for continued learning to develop skillsets to pursue a career in this role

Education Series
Fundamental knowledge that are critical to be successful in today’s competitive market, such topics as:

Cook With Love

We started our charity with Cook With Love, where the community got together and prepared over thousands of delicious and nutritional meals for youth, family and women’s shelter throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We are looking to transform the design of this program while still honouring the spirit of its original intention. The transformation would ensure the longevity of impact as a result of participating in this program. Cook With Love will teach participates to eat smart, healthy, while on a budget. We will introduce simple recipes that is easy to make and satisfying for the soul!