The Local Charity plans to launch Connect TO Success in September of 2019. Connect TO Success is a computer program that provides computer and internet access to underprivileged youth, families & women shelters’ around the Great Toronto Area.

The computer program this fundraiser will support has tremendous potential to make incredible impact in our community. One of the most expensive cost to the program is the access to internet, the goal is to launch the program with enough funding to sustain it for 18-months. With your generous support, we hope to launch this program in 2019.

This program refurbishes computer equipment donated by individuals and corporations to strict standards and utilize them in the program partnering with our shelters-in-partner to reach previously under-served communities.

Connect TO Success empowers individuals by providing them some of the tools they require to achieve new skill set breakthrough. Making progress in breaking the cycle of poverty. The reach and potential of this program is tremendous!

Our vision as the next phase of this program is to provide educational workshops whereby these clients can gain valuable experience in the field of information and communications technologies ensuring access to digital tools needed for the skills of tomorrow.

Program Objectives:

  • Obtain computers from donor, wiping-out the computer to their standard
  • Design program for long term sustainability & scalability
  • Work with partners to ensure successful rollout to clients

Have a computer desktop or laptop you’d like to donate to Connect T.O. Success?  Or know a company that might?  We can wipe all data and softwares on-site. Please contact us at

Computer Laptops