Mission Statement
Our mission is to enable and inspire individuals to reach their greatest potential. Our goal is to empower them to be the hero in their own story.

Our charity registration number is 80828 4442 RR 0001.

Meet our team at The Local Charity.
Laney Chan
Managing Director/Founder

Born in Hong Kong, I’ve went back and forth living between Hong Kong and Toronto throughout my life, both are my home, and I currently reside in Toronto. Having grown up with a complicated life at home, I had been estranged from my father for over a decade due to abuse. The journey has taught me how to be strong, how to be independent, how to forgive, and how to love…

I grew up with the perfect parents that’s inspired me to start the charity back in 2008. My mother exemplifies benevolence, and I’ve learnt to be kind and grateful from her (for those that knows me, I also got my sense of humor from her). My father persevered a tough illegal-immigrant life and built a successful empire despite multiple challenges, I’ve learnt to be strong and curious from him, and I also got my entrepreneurial spirit from him.

Today, I am a single mother to an amazing boy. It took me many years to see the Light at the end of the tunnel, it’s definitely given me a little more perspective what it takes to overcome rough patches in life. I hope to contribute and inspire folks I cross paths with towards their Light. For me, charity is practical. It’s often easy, usually inconvenient, but always necessary.

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Currently Seeking
Director of Information Technology

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Gabriela Morillo
Jr. Project Manager

I was born in London, Ontario, and have spent the majority of my life outside of Canada. Between living in Colombia and Texas, I have seen the immense positive impact compassionate and dedicated people can have on their communities.

After moving back to Canada three years ago I decided to pursue a degree in Business Administration and have completed a certificate in Project Management. Beyond my academic endeavours, I seek to give back to the city that has become my new home, Toronto. The Local Charity enhances access to the necessary tools and skills for those in need, and I am fortunate to be involved in allowing individual’s achieve their goals.

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Isaac Barrett
Logistic Manager

Jamaican born and raised, I was fortunate to have the support of my family throughout my childhood days. Though I did, I was close to persons who were not as fortunate. Seeing the struggles that they have had to endure, the pain they have suffered and the completely different directions our lives have taken, I became driven and highly motivated to become a part of a unit whose goal is to effect change in the lives of those less fortunate than myself, or who just need someone to believe in them.

Now at the age of 24, and with a strong finance and management background, and also having the privilege of owning and operating my own business by the age of 21, I am motivated to share my experiences and help others achieve their dreams and working with Laney and The Local Charity, opens doors of opportunities to do just that.

It’s time we help others realize the true potential in themselves by simply helping them make that first step in the right direction, with a little guidance and motivation.

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Muneeb Syed
Information Technology Coordinator

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The Local Charity’s Member
I highly recommend this charity to anyone looking to give back to their community.
Jason Vuu | Member Since 2008